About Pachinko Parlors, Japan Pachinko Rules in English

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About Pachinko Parlors: Japan Pachinko Rules in English, Tourist Activities, and Nearby Pachinko Parlors

About Pachinko Parlors

When we talk about pachinko parlors, there are various types of stores.

Here, we will explain the details about pachinko parlors.

Differences in Store Types (Large, Medium, Small)

Depending on the scale of the company operating the pachinko parlor, there are differences between large stores, medium, and small stores.

Generally, large stores are more standardized and offer slightly better services, but the pachinko machines themselves are the same, so small and medium-sized stores are not inferior in terms of service; it all depends on your preference.

Personally, I prefer small to medium-sized stores as it’s easier to read the trends, but this is only relevant for those who visit regularly.

As a Japan Pachinko Guide, explaining the pachinko rules in English makes it easier for tourists to understand.

Differences in Store Locations

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There are also two types of locations: near train stations and suburban stores.


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Stores near train stations are often small, and many customers are light users who stop by after work.

These stores do not need to attract customers through returns, so they tend to have machines with lower winning chances.

Not all, but there are stores where it is hard to win. However, it is convenient for tourists as they can drop in easily.

Suburban Stores

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Suburban stores are located in places that require a car to access and often range from medium to large-sized stores.

Recently, there are super-large stores with over 1000 machines, and some even provide shuttle buses from the station.

Since it is harder to access, these stores need to attract customers by offering better returns, making them more tourist-friendly compared to station stores.

However, seasoned players also frequent these stores, and it is less likely to find a good machine by just walking in. Many players cling to good machines from opening to closing.

For tourists, spending a relaxed time at a suburban pachinko parlor can be a good option.

About Websites

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Most pachinko parlors have links to their websites, often with the same domain.

Many of these are outdated websites like p-world, which are image-based and full of Japanese text, making it hard for foreigners to use automatic translation.

Here, we explain what is written on these sites to help tourists understand pachinko rules in English.

About Special Days

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example for specific days.

There is an implicit understanding that many stores or their chains have special days.

For example, the leading Maruhan Group holds events on the 7th, 17th, and 27th of each month, offering more machines with better winning chances.

On these days, you may see lines of people waiting for the store to open, and targeting these days can be one strategy. However, experienced players advise not to expect too much.

Targeting these special days can make the experience more enjoyable for tourists as well.

For tourists visiting Japan, pachinko offers a unique experience as an activity.

Referring to a Japan Pachinko Guide and understanding pachinko rules in English can be very beneficial.

Visiting nearby pachinko parlors allows tourists to experience Japanese culture firsthand.

Pachinko Experience for Tourists

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For tourists, Japanese pachinko parlors are attractive recreational spots.

Experiencing local pachinko parlors is a great opportunity to deeply understand Japanese culture.

From small stores near stations to large suburban stores, there are various options.

Understanding pachinko rules in English makes it easier for tourists to enjoy playing.

For tourists, pachinko provides a special experience as an entertainment and leisure activity.


Pachinko parlors vary in size and location.

For tourists, understanding these differences and choosing a store that suits them can lead to a more fulfilling experience.

Visit nearby pachinko parlors and enjoy the unique Japanese leisure activity.