Types of Pachinko: Japan Tourist Pachinko Guide

Types of Pachinko: Japan Tourist Pachinko Guide

For tourists visiting Japan, pachinko is a unique activity that you should try at least once.
This article explains the different types and rules of pachinko in English, ensuring tourists can enjoy it with confidence.
We also provide information on nearby pachinko parlors, making pachinko a recommended recreational activity during your stay in Japan.

Types of Pachinko

There are various types of pachinko, but they all follow the same basic rules.
They are categorized based on the probability of hitting the jackpot and the amount of balls you can win.

Middle High (1/319)

This is essentially the central type of machine.
With a 1/319 probability of hitting the jackpot, it is quite rare, but when you win, you can get a significant amount of balls.
It is recommended for those who enjoy high risk and high return.

Middle (1/199)

The middle type is somewhat easier to win, but the amount of balls is moderate.
Consider it a middle ground between high risk and low risk.

Low (Amadeji) (1/99)

The low type hits frequently, but the amount of balls won is small, making it low risk and low return.
It is perfect for those who want to enjoy the performance of their favorite machines.


Hanemono is a minor type that offers an old-school, analog pachinko experience.
For detailed information, refer to the specific explanations available.

Smart Pachinko (1/349)

Recently introduced, Smart Pachinko machines prevent customers from directly handling the balls, reducing cheating and maintenance costs.
It is currently the highest risk and highest return type available.

Pachinko Rules (in English)

The basic rules of pachinko are simple.
You insert balls into the machine and aim for specific holes to hit the jackpot.
Detailed rules and operation methods can be explained at the pachinko parlors.
More and more parlors are providing explanations in English, making it easier for tourists to enjoy pachinko.

Activities for Tourists

For tourists visiting Japan, pachinko is a unique experience.
Combining it with other tourist activities, entertainments, and leisure can make your trip even more fulfilling.
Using a Japan pachinko guide to visit popular pachinko parlors among tourists is another great way to enjoy your trip.

Information on Nearby Pachinko Parlors

Depending on the area you visit, there are many pachinko parlors near tourist spots.
Local guidebooks and online searches can easily help you find information on nearby pachinko parlors.
Many parlors offer services tailored for tourists, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience even for first-timers.

Pachinko is a recreational activity that allows you to feel a part of Japanese culture.
Using a Japan pachinko guide, be sure to try it at least once.
For tourists, pachinko can become an unforgettable memory of their trip.